Rhode Island Recycled Metals | Junk Car Removal


Container Service

RI Recycled Metals  offers containers to a wide variety of customers. The goal of these containers is to maximize time savings for customer by minimizing the handling of scrap. Call and speak with an employee today to see what container best fits your personal or business needs.


Our company not only deals with private demolition but also supports outside demolition companies. From buying and sorting scrap, to trucking scrap, to providing market insight to corporate officials, RI Recycled Metals prides itself in maximizing value in every demolition project.

Storage Tank Recycling

RI Recycled Metals is a licensed storage tank disposal yard in the state of Rhode Island. All tanks are certified by local fire department and once brought to our facility sheared to size and sent out for recycling.

RI Recycled Metals also provides trucking for storage tanks so they are moved in the safest manner possible before being dismantled.

Equipment Rentals

RI Recycled Metals has its own fleet of trucks providing:

  • Roll off containers: 15-40 yards
  • Dump Trailers: 60-100 yards
  • Low-Bed
  • Flat Deck/ Drop Deck Trailers
  • Ramp Trucks for Car Pick Ups
  • Landoll Trailer